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the first Egyptian wireless transmitter
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The young inventor student
Anwar kamel farrag
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The great  Egyptian  communication scientist
Engineer / Anwar kamel farrag
(1935 - 1993 )
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In the name of GOD , Most gracious , Most Merciful

" He  Granteth wisdom to whom he pleaseth " ( the great Allah was truthful )

Dear all who have the opportunity to visit my website , I Would like to introduce my self , as an inventor for the smallest lenses for satellites reception with diameters ranges between 23 cm until 50 cm with different shapes & sizes , Spherical , Hemispherical , quarter spherical , Lens horn antennas  manufactured by simple ways and from
unprecedented non- metallic cheap raw materials, also metallic Cassegrain antennas , the Gain and efficiency of my antennas are very high.

I -  Personal data  :
Name : Dr.  Abdelhamid  Farrag
Educational Degree: B Sc of Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo university,1975 .
Occupation  : Dentist
Hobby: communications technology, designing small satellites reception antennas
Residence  : Cairo - Egypt

II - How I came to be an inventor  ?
- Since I was a Secondary school student , I have dreamt of being an engineer . however , I joined the faculty of Dentistry as my grades in the general secondary school certificate did not meet the required grades of faculty of engineering Although I led a successful career as a Dentist in Egypt  , Austria and Saudi Arabia , yet I have never given up my interest in electronics and communication technology . my Brother , the late engineer Anwar kamel farrag , a prominent expect in communication science and whom I consider my god father , put me in right track that led me to be an inventor . he guided me on how to conduct scientific research , how to acquire the characteristics of an efficient researcher : patience , dedication , interest in details , even minor ones , interest in knowledge and creative ideas and never to loose hope . Before his death he told me that he dreamt of inventing a small piece of metal that can he put on the roof of the house so that it catches the satellites signals easily .
I decided to realize my brother`s dream and following his guidance and advice ,  I began to review all information and scientific knowledge related to the state of the art of the satellite reception antennas . I got some of them to study their characteristics , their relevant that can improve or amend them . I bought a Book on satellite antenna sciences from England . I also kept reading on physics and mathematics , performed experiments in my personal
workshop , and visited relevant websites .
Thanks to hard working for many years , determination , dedication and ever lasting ambition and enthusiasm and confidence in god support , I could come out of a new invention : the first invention was a mini-mobile satellite reception system with a parabolic antenna ( Cassegrain antenna  ) with 34 cm diameter  and 8 kg of Weight, with this system a person can move with it from one place to another . It receives in Cairo all digital channels from Nile-sat and Arab-sat satellites . I did not stop at this point I began to think of developing this system . When I was going through a specialized magazines , I saw a photos of a new non-metallic satellite antennas that was made of plastics with diameters between 80 cm to 46 cm. I began to thinks for designing more smaller one give suitable efficiency , especially, because those antennas which are produced by the international companies are sophisticated and very expensive .
I have begun a series of experiments to design a lens antenna for satellite  reception since in 2001, lasted three full years but I obtained the first successful outcome in the summer in 2004, I cried strongly at the moment due to the great pleasure of the success of the experiment  and that was after long and tiresome trials and experiments  , GOD guided me to success , In the summer in 2004  I could invent my first small lens satellite antenna which is made of plastics and some unprecedented raw materials but in a new way of designing ,  From August  2004 until now , I have been able to design , by myself, alone, in my private workshop, about 20 different new Satellite antenna of different sizes and forms, produced from different cheap raw materials , have been manufactured by self efforts.
These new antennas are superior than comparable international products.
With the introduction of my invented Lenses antennas, I have broken the monopoly of the international companies to one of a very advanced technology ( The Luneberg Lenses technology ) .
  The new thing is, that I have done an  important role in modification for the theory of Luneberg because all companies went in one direction during the application of the theory, but I took another direction led me at the end of the matter to produce a lenses stronger in performance and easier in the way of manufacturing and lower in cost from the Luneberg lenses.

III . Conclusion :
  Before I conclude , I should extend my appreciation and gratitude to my late brother engineer Anwar kamel Farrag whom I owe all my success and achievements , His life was  a series of creation and innovation in the area of communication . While he was a student at the secondary school , in 1955 he invented the first Egyptian Wireless Transmitter. He became a well known figure in our birth place town ( Bani Mazaar - El Minya - Egypt ) thanks to this invention. In 16-1-1956 an article on him appeared on Egyptian newspaper (Al-Gomhoria)  entitled " The Young Inventor " The former president , Gamal Abdel Nasser met him and congratulated him , Upon my brother's request and recommendation of president Nasser , he was appointed in the geometric Department at the Atomic Energy Commission , affiliated to the National Research center , where he PRACTISED his experiments .
He studied T.V. engineering by one the introduction of the Egypt TV Broadcasting.
He designed the first Egyptian transistor radio in 1959,when the Egyptian T.V. Broadcast started in 1960. Al Nasr Company for T.V. , in recognition of his talents , appointed him .He worked there for 33 years and developed an outstanding career until he held the position of the manager of the satellite Department. During his work at Al Nasr Company , many engineers and technicians were trained under his supervision , as he became the greatest communication experts in Egypt. He acquired the appreciation and respect of all who know him. He got an offer from American RCA Company to work in the USA , and also another offer from the German I.T.T company , however he refused to leave Egypt where he dedicated all his love and loyalty.
He continued his great efforts in the area of communication , television and Satellites until he died in 1993 after a long suffering from the disease , I ask for him the mercy and the forgiveness from Allah in the other world .

February 29, 2008